Wednesday 3 August 2011

a green surry hills fling

A couple days ago I popped over to the South Side (of Sydney Harbour) on an eco-shopping excursion. Destination: the ethical shop I Ran The Wrong Way.  Unfortunately, I hadn't looked up the store's opening hours and was left staring wistfully through the closed shop's window, devastated. 

Even from my window view (and the amazing online store) it's obvious this place stocks the best of the best for the conscious consumer plus all your eco-essentials.  This store of eco- and ethical-wonders is only open Thursday through Saturday though, so plan accordingly because this is one eco-hangout you don't want to miss. I for one can't wait to run the right way back to this store very soon.
Cushion with crochet from black plastic bags,
created in Burkina Faso, Fair Trade

Plastic Fantastic by the amazing Supercyclers

Never one to waste an afternoon in Surry Hills, I got a quick vintage-shopping fix by popping across the road to David met Nicole. I've long loved this shop's styling and the beautiful reused items filling every nook and cranny and hadn't been inside for a couple years.  I didn't make any purchases, but I did enjoy examining the eco-luxurious secondhand furniture, lighting fixtures and miscellaneous bits and pieces like ceramic dolls heads, dice, tin cars, rubber stamps and scrabble squares. 

I did come across the below piece for my kitchen - what do you think?

Vintage food storage cabinet, circa 1890s-1900s
All in all, my excursion was a nice reminder that eco-shopping never goes exactly as planned, but I always enjoy the discoveries that I make along the way.  And, of course, I'll be running back to Surry Hills and very soon indeed.

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