sustainability with style

How did an image-obsessed shopaholic become an environmentalist and learn to achieve sustainability with style? It wasn't always an easy road, but after a few personal disasters I figured out how to be green without losing my identity, and I'm sharing my lessons with you.

In the newly released Second Edition, available in paperback or eBook, I spill even more secrets through my sustainable fashion and beauty shopping guide!

"Heinze's story is as inspirational as it is entertaining - her combination of personal anecdotes, practical advice and cultural exploration is the perfect handbook for any aspiring greenie."
- Peppermint Magazine

 "Fashionistas rejoice!' 
- Musq Cosmetics

Part autobiography, part eco-guidebook and part cultural exploration, in Sustainability with Style I share everything from learning the ropes of eco-fashion and natural beauty products, to understanding the best way to talk about the environment with non-greenies and how I eventually found my own eco-balance. If you've ever wanted to 'go green' but just can't picture yourself as a tree hugger, let me show you how you can achieve sustainable-living without losing your personal style.

"She met up with so many challenges and mistakes but has also learned how to live sustainably with style, a lesson which we all can live by." 
- the LL Book Review


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