Friday 19 August 2011

product of the week: stem organics smooth skin exfoliant

Thanks to the wonderful ladies at Musq I've been introduced to my new favourite skincare brand, Stem Organics, and their Smooth Skin Exfoliant.

I have an oily complexion and this exfoliant with its tiny bamboo particles has been just what I need to naturally exfoliate my skin without any irritation.  It contains organic Aloe and Jojoba to sooth and moisturise, and also contains Pomegranate and Kakadu Plum extracts to give me a nice anti-aging vitamin C booster.  I've been using this exfoliant every other day for a few weeks now and my typically fussy skin is very happy (those with less oily skin could get away with using it once a week).

Stem Organics creates ethical skincare products out of the most divine organic ingredients and what they call 'natural skin super nutrients'.  Every Stem product includes three signature ingredients: Australian Kakadu Plum, one of the highest plant sources of vitamin C, antioxidant rich and anti-inflammatory Pomegranate, and organic Aloe, which they use instead of water as their top ingredient.  This exfoliant also includes Bottle Brush flower essence, Willowbark extract and essential citrus oils; it is 78% certified organic content. 

If you couldn't tell from the ingredients list, products are made in Australia.

Stem Organics also works with Climate Friendly to offset their carbon emissions, uses only recyclable packaging and ships products using cornstarch packing beads.  The ethical good news continues with Stem Organics supporting The Butterfly Foundation, which supports Australians with eating disorders, and World Wildlife Fund, and they have been certified by Choose Cruelty Free for not testing on animals.

Can the news get better?  For this recovering fashion and shopping addict it definitely can, because Stem Organic products are continuously recognised in mainstream fashion magazines including:

After all the amazing things I've learned about Stem Organics it seems the only things left to ask are why did it take me so long to find them, and what will I try next?

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