Saturday 30 July 2011

a green artwork fling

I enjoy art, and I enjoy having pretty things in my home; I've also been known to spend a bit of cash updating my home accessories to keep my apartment in the latest style. 

This is why I LOVE my chalkboard wall - a wonderful reusable canvas that allows me to change the artwork in my home on a regular basis.  It's the perfect home accessory for this fickle fashionista. 

Okay, I'll admit the chalkboard paint itself was not environmentally friendly - those VOCs could have been detected from two blocks away, and the clean up was extremely difficult - but now that the wall is complete it saves me from buying new things for my apartment every few months because I can update the design whenever I feel bored.

Here are some of my favourite pieces over the past couple of years.

Floral inspiration
Owls courtesy of 'guest artist' Nat Boog

 I'd love to hear from any artists who want to inspire my next design!

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