Tuesday 26 July 2011

a green iPhone fling

So far I've resisted upgrading to the iPhone 4.  My current iPhone was less than a year old when the new version came out, so in the spirit of 'de-materialisation' (translation: buying only what I need), I've stayed strong.  After all, about 70% of all metal waste is from e-waste, in the US anyway, and I don't want to add to the problem (of course I'd recycle my phone when the time came - but reduce first, right?)

I even stayed strong after dropping my iPhone one too many times, and a tiny crack appeared in the base; instead I decided it was time to get an iPhone cover, so I began researching eco-friendly covers.

If I had an iPhone 4 I would absolutely purchase a gorgeous, artistically designed bamboo cover like this one by Grove.

Isn't is divine?! Sadly they don't make them for iPhone 3 anymore.  I'm devastated. 

Instead I bought an Incase Bamboo slider made from 40% reclaimed bamboo shards - this means the bamboo pieces are being saved from the landfill and protecting my iPhone at the same time. Love it!

Like Grove, Incase appears to have discontinued iPhone 3 covers, but I found some on eBay and promptly ordered one in Eggplant.

I didn't think I'd like having a cover on my phone, I've always loved the sleekness of the original design. But when I hold it in my hand and feel the tiny bamboo pieces I'm reminded that I've done the best thing for the environment.  Actually, it's sort of like having a whole new phone after all - a fantastic fix for this still-recovering shopping addict!

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  1. That iphone 4 cover is going on my list.. :) love it x