Friday 20 May 2011

product of the week: undies

Because sustainability is not just about lowering your carbon footprint, this week's featured product is Pants to Poverty - undies made from Fairtrade certified cotton that are also pesticide and sweatshop free.  

How cute are these?  Adorable gathering on the backside...

...and sweet little angel wings on the front - I'm in love!

Pants to Poverty's journey began as part of the Make Poverty History campaign, and now they work with thousands of farmers and factory workers in India to create fashionable, comfortable, and sustainable pants (for men and women).  The packaging is also made from recycled Fairtrade cotton - I'm obsessed with low-impact packaging so this pleased me to no end, not to mention the hot packaging design.

I have my lovely friend Briana to thank for my new favourite undies - thanks for the lovely gift!  I'm wearing them as I type this for additional inspiration - they're like a lovely hug for my bum. 

But sorry, no photos of them on me, I'm not that kind of blogger.

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