Sunday 15 May 2011

a green eBay fling

As many greenies (and budget-shoppers) already know, eBay is a treasure trove of delights if you allow yourself some time to search for what you want.

We recently re-turfed the backyard of our block of apartments (prior to the new lawn going down about half the yard was dirt and weeds).  Once it was complete, it was glaringly obvious we needed an outdoor table to take full advantage of the lovely green space.  One of the other owners mentioned it was sale time and the furniture shops would have some great bargains, but instead I headed right to eBay to see what was on offer in the reused market.

This event marked a major shift in my usual shopping behaviour; instead of heading into the process with a specific table in mind and buying exactly what I wanted when when I wanted it, I left myself open to the possibilities of what I might find.  I must be growing.

After only a few eBay sessions, I stumbled upon the most beautiful antique outdoor table I could have imagined.  I made sure it was within driving distance (most furniture on eBay is pick-up only) and made my bid.  The next day I found out it was mine!  It was currently residing in the Hunter Valley, so I made arrangements for a day trip up to the Hunter (not hard to twist my arm into visiting wine country) and brought home my gorgeous table.  Thanks eBay!

I bet you want to come over and chill out at my fab table, don't you?

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