Sunday 8 May 2011

a green picnic fling

How cute is this thermos?!  

I know, it's totally gorgeous, and thanks to the fabulous 70s motif it's obviously secondhand as well.  Now guess how much I paid for it . . .

Nada! Zip, zero, zilch. Totally free.

How is that possible? I can hear you wondering about this amazing collectors item.  So I'll tell you.

I picked it up off the street.

A couple years ago I would've scoffed if someone suggest I pick something up off the street and reuse it, but now I'm a changed woman.  I'm so grateful that someone lovingly placed this beautiful thermos on the street during neighbourhood clean up time. I just know they were hoping someone would save it from the landfill and give it a new home; it was spotless, sitting pretty on the lawn with a few other discarded pieces of furniture.

I cleaned it thoroughly when I got home, just to be safe, and it sat in my kitchen unused for awhile (though an excellent conversation piece!) waiting for a perfect day like today to make a pot of tea and head outside for an autumn picnic.  To my delight the tea stayed piping hot for over two and half hours - I got cold before it did and was still steaming when I got home. I'm so impressed with the thermos-technology of 1970-whenever this was created, it's genius.

This thermos isn't the only thing I've gathered on neighbourhood clean up days, I've also picked up a dresser and two bedside tables (on three separate occasions, but those are other stories for other days).  I love that I'm now a living example of the old saying, "one woman's trash is another woman's treasure."  I'd love to hear any great items you've picked up off the street!

PS - I hope all the mothers out there had a fabulous Mothers Day!

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