Wednesday 13 April 2011

a green travel fling: part two

It's nearly 10.30pm and I'm on the final leg of my green travel adventure - the Manly Ferry and it's glorious free Wi-Fi. 

I have to confess, if it were up to me I'd be in a taxi right now - well, I'd be home by now, we disembarked the Country Link train 45 minutes ago - instead of halfway through a ferry ride that followed a short train trip from Central to Circular Quay.  Mother Earth can thank my hubby for his commitment to public transportation, because this little greenie would have caved if I were traveling solo.

Today's journey started at 7.30am on a two-hour coach from Byron Bay to Casino.  We waited about 30 minutes for the train, and then had over 11 hours on the train to Sydney. 
Happy to be back in our fancy cabin car.
In the lead up to this leg of our journey, I'd silently wondered if I would get sick if I read on the train, because I get sick when I read in a car.  Yes.  Unfortunately I get sick if I read on a train - not great news to learn on the first hour of my train journey.

I was able to distract myself looking at the gorgeous scenery for about two hours, then we ate lunch and it was only 12.15 and I had over nine hours left (on a side note, the hot food options put airline food to shame, and even shared the ingredients listing - absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in my vegetarian curry, so I was happy to know I was eating a low carbon meal during my low carbon travel).  My saving grace was that we had a fancy cabin, so I was able to lie flat and read while keeping the window out of view.  Once I figured that out, the time flew as I read, napped, watched the scenery and attempted to photograph out the windows. 

It can be tricky photographing out the train, it was a constant battle against blurring objects and reflections off the windows.
Once it was dark I could read upright, and we also watched a movie on our laptop while we ate dinner and enjoyed a couple beverages from the bar car. It was so relaxing, and so nice to be able to talk with my hubby while neither of us had the stress of driving.  I felt that I could have stayed on the train and gone to sleep for the night in our cozy little cabin - and seeing as it's nearly 11pm and I'm not yet home, that still sounds like a lovely option.

I'm now in a strange jet-lag state, I think because I've been sedentary all day and eating a fair amount, so I have a bit of energy and yet am sleepy at the same time.  Actually, it feels very strange to have been traveling for over 15 hours and not even have crossed a timezone, let alone any international borders.  But I'll take the comfort of train travel over an international flight any day!

All and all, I'm totally in love with train travel, what a delightful little green fling I've had.

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