Sunday 3 April 2011

a green rally fling

Yesterday I was one of 8000 people rallying for Climate Action in Sydney's Belmore Park; the rally was organised by GetUp in response to a rally organised in Hyde Park protesting a carbon tax (they only had a couple thousand attendees - were you paying attention, Julia?!).

I really love attending these type of events (it's my third environmental protest/rally since becoming a new greenie).  It's amazing to be surrounded by others of all shapes and inclinations who want the same thing I do for the planet, and instead of focusing only on personal changes I can feel the strength and power of collective action.  Words can't even explain the energy hit I experienced while standing in that crowd of thousands all chanting for "Climate Action Now!

There were plenty of 'professional' placards by the Greens, Greenpeace, GetUp and other organisations, but people were also encouraged to BYO sign - below is a collection of my favourites from the day.

I felt this kid's sign really summed up why we should all care about cleaning up our act:

Look, it's not like I could protest everyday, it's simply not in my DNA, but I know that if I'm really serious about the environment, these events must be part of my life, too.  I have SO much fun with my green flings with fashion, beauty products and food, but I also know it's so important to not lose sight of the larger, social and governmental shifts that need to occur to ensure the health of our planet for generations to come. Luckily protest rallies can be fun, too - just ask the cheeky Tuvalu Scuba Team.

Were any of you at the rally, too?

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