Friday 8 April 2011

a green glamorous fling

During my day job I recently worked on our annual conference, Green Cities.  Besides looking forward to the inspiring speakers and lively discussions with delegates, I was totally excited about the Gala Dinner, the perfect opportunity to get frocked up and celebrate our job-well-done.

Pre-greenie days I’d have been on the hunt for the perfect dress at least a month in advance. I’d have referenced fashion magazines and dedicated hours to trying on dresses, seeking the perfect number that was sexy but classy and on the cutting edge of fashion.  I’d spend a little too much time and money, but it would totally be worth it.

But this year, embracing my new environmental ethos, I couldn’t really justify buying a new dress just for one night, so I had to get more creative in an attempt to reduce my consumption. 

Of course I thought about reusing dresses I already have – thanks to my history with shopping my wardrobe is quite full – but I’ve been rotating my glam-outfits for the past eighteen months at various events and quite frankly, I’m bored. I just can’t be seen in that black Sass & Bide mini one more time, no matter how fabulous it is. 

I considered getting a recycled number by going vintage, but I didn’t want to rock the vintage look at this event, I wanted something modern. I want to fully participate in the environmental movement but also still look and feel like myself – is that really too much to ask?

Then I remembered reading somewhere about borrowing designer clothes, so I Googled rent designer dress Sydney  - jackpot! 

These companies offer recovering shopping addicts like myself (or perhaps fashionistas on a budget) a guilt-free fashion experience by letting you borrow the most gorgeous and of-the-moment dresses, bags and accessories.  This is definitely collaborative consumption at its sexiest.

I found myself drawn to Can I Borrow That? (CIBT). They stock dresses from the likes of Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, McQueen – I couldn’t afford these brands even if I wasn’t eco aware, and you’re telling me I can borrow one for a week?!  I’m in heaven!

I selected a Versace and a D&G to try on (obligation free) from over 100 styles on CIBT’s website, and on the selected date a gorgeous courier came to my door holding a lavender wardrobe bag containing the two dresses and told me he’d be waiting outside until I was done – talk about celebrity treatment!  I rushed inside and unzipped the bag and just stared at the two designer dresses in veneration for a moment before trying them on.
Left, Versace; Right, D&G
Online the Versace looked like the winner, but on me it looked like a figure skater’s costume, with the layers of fabric and gold sequins falling on all the wrong places. 

The D&G didn’t look like much on the hanger, but as soon as I slid into the pale silver satin dress with gunmetal gray leather trim and flirtatious pleats on the derriere I knew it accentuated all the right places and my heart raced with excitement. I took a quick pic and messaged my hubby, who promptly replied "You’re not going anywhere in that dress without me!" Oh yes, this was the one. 

As an added bonus, once I had it on I realised I already had shoes and a handbag to go with the dress – more reuse signaling that yes I could be an environmentalist and still look and feel like myself.

Thanks Dolce. And Gabbana.  And CIBT.  I felt like the hottest new greenie at the Gala, and you can bet I’ll be borrowing more things in the future. Another fun green fling and another unexpected way of being an environmentalist; who knew being a greenie could be so glamorous?  

Have you ever considered borrowing anything online?

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