Friday 19 February 2016

changemaker : natalie kiryk

I recently posted an image of my favourite item this summer - a stunning Lisa Brown flowy top that I found at the Second Loves stall at the Manly Markets in December. The woman behind the shop - Nat - told me she was traveling around Australia in her van, taking her collection to various markets around the country over the summer. Living the dream!

A delightful stall set up with Nat's van in the background.
Second Loves will be back in Manly tomorrow, 20 February.

Ever since I met the charming Nat and saw her beautiful collection of pre-loved and vintage clothing she curated, I've been keeping my eye on her website. The collection is inspired by:

Friends, travel, the ocean, folklore, rock + roll, music festivals, art, foreign films, surf culture, far away places, other cultures, mother nature, the open road, white space, crochet + lace, rainbows, being by the seaside, being in the mountains, the wild, anything vintage and conscious consuming xx

A quick look around the site and you'll see she has the boho-luxe vibe nailed. These are quality pieces, so don't come expecting bargain basement prices, but instead well-looked after pieces, many with incredible detail and a unique style.

I recently interviewed Nat to find out a little bit more about what makes Second Loves so fabulous.

What inspired you to start Second Loves?
It all started with surf checks on a Saturday morning and noticing all the amazing garage sales happening around me. Of course I couldn’t pass them without stopping, and it has become a ritual for me every weekend. 

I was also inspired by the eclectic taste of people in Byron Bay. From the creative locals, travelers and designers to the vintage collectors, there is a constant abundance of amazing garage sales. I also love markets, op shops, and hunting for treasure wherever the road takes me.


How do you find such gorgeous and unique pieces?
A lot of the time I feel that things find me. There's no real secret to finding the unique pieces, it's simply a part of my lifestyle and has become ingrained in me over time. 

Since I was young I have always been a lover of style + vintage fashion and enjoyed the hunt for special items. The more you do it the more places you find and people you network with. I love meeting other creatives and market goers.

What are the most popular items that you sell?
I sell such a wide selection of items that I couldn’t say I sell one more than the other. But if I had to choose. . . customers really love local Byron Bay designer items, and a beautiful dress is always hard for a girl to pass up.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love passing on the message of my passion for conscious consuming. There are incredibly classic pieces out there of excellent quality, and all with such character. I don't need to buy anything brand new anymore - okay, maybe my underwear! This philosophy effects all areas of my life. My house is fully furnished with all things secondhand and vintage, from the pillows on the couch to the organic sheets on my bed {from a garage sale!} to the cutlery and pans in my kitchen. Also my surfboards, cars and it goes on. Most things can be bought secondhand and these days so very readily available in amazing condition.

I also really love being able to travel Australia in my van, working on Second Loves and living on the road. How stoked I am to have set up a little business that allows me to travel to new places, see old friends and meet new, all whilst working along the way. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to enjoy living simply and consciously on the road. Every day is a new adventure and learning curve.

Thank you Nat! 
Keep finding us those vintage gems and loving your journey.
I look forward to meeting you some where on this journey.. maybe on your trip to Byron.. I have a little studio space where you can shop by appointment. Or at a market near you.

Find Second Loves online, on Facebook and Instagram

And if you're in Sydney, head over to the Manly Village School Market tomorrow, 20 February, from 8am to see Nat and her collection in person. I'll be there!

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