Monday 23 March 2015

good on you

Have you heard about the Aussie website Good On You?

It's a fashion website (with a great name - I love a good pun) that ranks a number of well known clothing brands on their ethical and environmental credentials. It can be quite hard to find a perfectly 'sustainable' fashion label these days, but I still prefer to reward those taking steps in the right direction - a big change to the garment industry has to start somewhere, right? And this site makes it easy to see which brands are taking steps toward more ethical and sustainable practices.

You can click through to buy all the pieces on their site, and if you're curious about how each garment receives a given ranking, the webpage includes information on which rating system (or systems) has given that garment a certification.

I was recently asked to pull together my favourite pieces from the site - you can read the entire article here, or see some of my picks below:

Ginger and Smart – Secret Vice sleeveless blouse

ginger & smart secret vice sleeveless blouse camelliaExcellent
Style: This lovely peachy-pink goes perfectly with other items already in my wardrobe, and the interesting cut and tailoring makes this a standout, timeless piece.
Eco: Silk is considered a ‘natural’ fibre and typically has a long life, but is not acceptable to vegans and many vegetarians, so must be a personal choice.
Ethical: Certified by Ethical Clothing Australia

Nobody Denim – Cult Skinny Jeans Addict

nobody denim cult skinny jeans addict high waistExcellent

Style: Everyone needs a solid pair of jeans, and I find high waist skinny jeans provide a classic silhouette that can be paired with flats, heels, boots or thongs (flipflops for our northern hemisphere friends!)
Ethical: Made in Melbourne and certified by Ethical Clothing Australia, so I know the people who made these jeans were paid well and treated fairly.

Ginger & Smart G&S Incision Slouch Pant

Ginger & Smart G&S Incision Slouch PantExcellent

Style: Perfect combination of tailored but comfortable, and can easily be dressed up with an amazing pair of shoes and blazer.
Ethical: Certified by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Ginger & Smart Infinity Skirt

Ginger & Smart – Infinity Skirt – Pencil skirts (Black & White)


Style: The bold geometric shape paired with the high feminine waist make this a power-skirt with a twist.
Ethical: Certified by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Ginger & Smart Arcadia Dress

Ginger & Smart – Arcadia Dress with Sleeves – Dresses (Arcadia)
Style: This dress is the ideal combination of femininity and structure, plus the interesting detailing makes me know I won’t get bored anytime soon.
Ethical: Certified by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Collette Dinnigan Eclat Bra

Style: Such a stunning piece of lingerie, so feminine and pretty. And who doesn’t love a bit of black lace – like a secret when worn underneath a sensible shirt.
Ethical: Underwear should be as ethical as outerwear, don’t you think? This beauty is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Collette Dinnigan Eclat BraExcellent

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