Tuesday 3 March 2015

accessories review : oxfam

Did you know that Oxfam recently released its new Accessories Catalogue?

Oxfam asked me to review the catalogue (what a fun request!) and here I have pulled out some of my favourite pieces:

Layered Paper Geode Pendant
This incredible 'Geode' is actually made of layers
of waste magazine paper and crushed glass at a
fair trade workshop in Swaziland -
my absolute favourite piece of the collection.

Layered Paper Stone Ring
Made in the same workshop as the 'Geode'
pendant above.

Cana Flecha Bracelet
Made from cane that has been dyed with fruits,
vegetables and plants, and braided by Zenu
Indian artisans in Colombia.

Ceramic Shard Silver Necklace
Made with salvaged shards from a
Vietnamese ceramic factory.

Golden Brass Cuff
Created using traditional techniques in India,
and featuring a soft hammered detail.

Mosaic Bangle in Turquoise
Handcrafted, wooden bangle covered in traditional
Indian lac - tiny beads and mirror shards.

Scarf with Triangle Motif
This scarf is handwoven 100% linen,
and screenprinted using AZO-free dyes.

Triangle Design Clutch
Natural leather clutch that will gain patina and
age with grace, enhancing this bold pattern.

* * * *

All the accessories sold by Oxfam Australia are sourced to help Fair Trade producers reach new international markets, and help the artisans emerge out of poverty. Oxfam Australia is a Fair Trade organisation and works rigorously to ensure the artisans and products adhere to the principles put forth by the World Fair Trade Organization and the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation. You can read all the details on their website (I love transparency!), and you can also learn about the artisans who made all of the products on each product page.

The catalogue also marked Oxfam Australia's first ever photoshoot, and the catalogue features stunning models that celebrate the rich diversity of Australians - two of the models below are young Indigenous women from Darwin who are now studying in Melbourne, and the silver-haired maven is a fierce advocate for animal rights and works at Oxfam Australia.


All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed flipping through this new catalogue, seeing the beautiful ethically-produced pieces, and daydreaming about my next accessories purchase.

The entire catalogue is now available online - happy shopping!

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