Monday 27 January 2014

sustainable Australia Day style

While some people choose to express their Australia Day style by wearing flags as capes, painting their faces green and gold, or tugging around an inflatable kangaroo, I stuck with a classic 'Red, White and Blue' theme.

I was thankful for the unseasonable chill in the air -
any excuse to break out the poncho!

Poncho : vintage, from Hunter Gatherer in Melbourne
Dress : organic cotton and modal blend, Made in the USA, by a new fave, Amour Vert
Lipstick : Red Sinner by Poppy King, the Lipstick Queen (not strictly natural, but no nasties and the best red I've found)
Boots : old faves, have been resoled at least twice

What did your Aussie Day style look like? Let me know on twitter!

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