Sunday 1 September 2013

I can create that style sustainably : Nina Proudman : Offspring 2013

First of all, let me just say, WOW. . .

I'm in the US right now and have been watching Offspring on iTunes this season, so I'm a little behind. I finished watching the final two episodes on Thursday and it's fair to say the wounds are still fresh.

RIP Patrick.

I can't believe I just typed that. I think I'm still in shock.

But I'm going to push through with this post. We need to stick together in times like these. And while we can mourn the loss of our beloved Patrick, we can also move forward and celebrate the fabulous fashion Nina was rocking once again this year.  Even we non-preggers gals were looking upon her wardrobe with envy. 

I had a great time recreating Nina's style last season, and couldn't wait to play again this year, so here goes . . .

Nina's sense of style was well and truly in tact as she blossomed throughout her pregnancy. Loose clothing is not a prerequisite for maternity wear - hurrah! Her signature layers, feminine details and splashes of colour were as playful as usual, and I was also thrilled to see so many stripes in Nina's wardrobe.

So, without further ado, here are my sustainable shopping tips to help you create a Nina-worthy wardrobe.

A camisole is the perfect place to start managing your layers. Betty Browne makes 100% organic cotton slim fit tanks in black, white and two shades of grey - super soft and made in Australia. Insider tip: read about organic cotton on the website for a special deal. For a splash of colour, try Threads 4 Thought tanks made of organic cotton and recycled polyester - perfect for that bit of stretch. Definitely one of my favourite label 'discoveries' while I've been in America this summer - affordable thoughtful fashion - and now shipping internationally!

Left : Betty Browne
Right: Threads 4 Thought, also available in spaghetti straps

I recently covered stripes when 'styling' Taylor Swift, and found that Chinti & Parker, Honest By, People Tree and Kuyichi have some fabulous sustainable stripes this season, and Kowtow has some deconstructed stripes as well. 

People Tree organic cotton top. I think this yellow number
would suit Nina perfectly, don't you?

I also love this Kowtow take on stripes, and I think
Nina would, too

I always appreciate the attention to detail in Nina's jackets, cardis and vests.  Here are a few interesting pieces I think would fit right into Nina's wardrobe.

Kowtow certified organic fair trade cotton cardigan,
available at Indigo Bazaar

Minna vintage lace cardigan, handmade in the UK

Choolips jacket,
available at Indigo Bazaar

Pre-loved vest from Dear Gladys

Nina's signature scarves were not used as much this year, instead she accessorised with lovely, delicate jewellery, including a number of graceful long necklaces.

Raven and Lily are a longtime favourite of mine. The pieces are made of recycled bullet casings and coins by HIV positive women in Ethiopia. Raven and Lily also reinvest into education programs in the area. Now that's what I call styling a sustainable future.

Alem Triangle Tube necklace

Desta Antique Dangle necklace

Alem bracelets - perfect to layer on in multiple colours.

Hovey Lee is another great ethical jewellery-maker out of LA, and all pieces are made of recycled metals.
Fern Acres earrings

Sand Dollar necklace

Form fitting pants
Nina looked great again this year in fitted denim, and even showed off her pins in fabulous patterned leggings.

Left: Reuse recycled denim
Centre: Nudie 100% organic cotton Nude Kelly denim
Right: Threads 4 Thought organic cotton leggings

Okay, how fabulous were those boots?! I'm hoping we can convince Hasbeens to bring back their kneehigh clog boots in this lovely blue so we can have a sustainable pair of our very own. Until then, I recommend hunting around eBay and vintage shops for your own colourful kicks. 

Left: Gorgeous Nina and her gorgeous boots
Centre : Hasbeens kneehighs
Right : Marc Jacobs preloved from eBay

I pretty much avoided this style of clothing.  Nina did not sport many overtly 'maternity' looks, instead alternating between sizing up non-maternity tops and dresses and proudly showing off that bump in fitted camisoles paired with interesting jackets. Of course some pieces, like pants, are trickier! For those of you gorgeous mums-to-be, pre-loved is by far the most sustainable option (for the planet and your bank account!), so check first with your friends, family and local thrift shop. Since I have no firsthand experience, here is a great article on Inhabitots about getting through your pregnancy sustainably, written by someone with firsthand experience.


Okay, that was therapeutic. Though I think I may have to watch season 4 all over again to get my fill of the Nina-Patrick lovefest. And maybe seasons 2 and 3 as well.

Until next time, give me a shout if there is anything in particular you'd like me to source sustainably.


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  1. Oh...Organic Cotton Leggings... Nothing can do best than having an organic products during pregnancy... Be organic and be safe.. Thanks