Thursday 17 May 2012

a green expo fling

Last weekend I braved the blustery winds (made quite easy thanks to my military sweater I picked up at Vinnies the other week) and made my way to EcoXpo.

The first thing I noticed as I stepped through the doors were the fabulous feedback trees from Green Cities being reused!

Bonjour Baby, InterfaceFLOR and Paper Couture all sponsored the trees, and we were
invited to write our 'wishes for the planet' on the leaves - so beautiful!.

I enjoyed reminiscing as I read over some of the Green Cities comments, and one in particular struck a chord, because it's one I continue to come across when talking with folks about the environment:

I want to be 'green' but I don't have to have to think too hard about it . . . 

Luckily for all of us, the EcoXpo had plenty of solutions that make green living easy.  Here are my top picks from the EcoXpo that can help us all achieve sustainability simply, and even stylishly!
  • Rosnay Organic sparkling wine
    I was feeling under the weather but I still enjoyed a cheeky little wine tasting, and I'll be ordering some of Rosnay's Vintage Sparkling Chardonnay after I finish this blog - delish!
  • Lentilicious lentil meals
    We know how good lentils are for us - high in protein, folate, iron, Vitamin B and fibre, and low GI - and now there is a company zhooshing them up for us with tasty flavour combinations like Coconut Fusion, Mediterranean and Turmeric Magic.
  • Hemp Gallery home decor
    I will be the first to admit that 'hemp' and 'style' don't typically go hand in hand, but the Hemp Gallery stand at the expo was by far the most beautiful.  It was all I could do not to purchase all the pillow covers and baby toys on display.
  • Lunchbox Mania tiffins
    Adorable and functional stainless steel tiered tiffins, great for storing lunches and other food products safely and stylishly.
  • Bounty Burgers
    Finally, delicious soy burgers have made it Down Under!  I hate comparing, but I have really missed veggie burgers since moving to Oz, but thanks to Bounty Burgers I can be (almost) veggo and eat a yummy burger, too.
  • Jayride & GoGet
    There is nothing stylish about a monthly payment for a machine that sits unused most of it's life - that's why ride- and car-sharing is the future. Jayride is an innovative ride-sharing program, connecting riders and drivers all across the country. Heading to a music festival? Moving cross-country and want some company? Post your ad and share your ride. And GoGet, the most popular car share program in Australia, now has some electric cars powered by Origin Energy in their fleet - how much greener can you get?

While I was at the EcoXpo I also saw the Trashion Fashion show, a performance where the models wore trash couture, made entirely of litter found on beaches - beautiful and disgusting at the same time.

Thanks EcoXpo! I hope there are a few more eco-fashion labels on display next year, maybe that would have attracted some of the hundreds of fashionistas lining up outside the other expo hall for Fashion Weekend, but overall a great display of the many eco-products and services already on the market.

Did you go to the EcoXpo? What were your favourite booths?

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