Friday 30 March 2012

a green gift fling

Last weekend I was given a delightful gift of a sustainable, stylish bracelet from Kukula Designs.

My friend Elizabeth originally brought me this bangle as a "farewell gift". Since my plans have recently changed, it instead was offered as a "congrats on your book gift".  Whatever the occasion, I'm thrilled with the pretty present, thanks Liz!

She purchased the bangle at Paddington Markets in Sydney from the designer who makes all the jewelry using recycled paper. I feel so flattered that my friend took into account my sustainable lifestyle when selecting this lovely gift for me.

My bangle doesn't fit over my 'large' hand, but that's just the perfect excuse to head over to the market myself to see all the gorgeous designs.  Based on what I've seen on Kukula's website, I suspect I'll be heading home with more than just one bracelet.

If you don't live in Sydney, don't worry, Kukula has an Etsy store, too. Happy shopping!

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