Thursday 15 March 2012

a green beach fling

This afternoon I took advantage of the beautiful autumn sunshine (and some lovely time off) to relax on the beach.  While I was strolling down to the sand I realised I was eco-kitted out for my excursion, so thought I'd share with you how I do the beach, greenie style.

My bikini is by the amazing eco-swimsuit designer By Meadow. My sparkle braided bikini is made of upcycled materials and was a reasonable $80 . Thanks By Meadow!

My leopard-print wrap is reused; I purchased it at a market stall in WA about 5 years ago for $3.

And my 30+ sunscreen (a necessity in even the autumn Aussie sun) by Wotnot is 100% natural.

I also was reading a borrowed book from the library.

It's really too easy to have a green beach fling - now I just hope the sun stays out for a few more days . . .


  1. Dear Green style guru

    I'm in the market for a pair of sunglasses - any tips?

    The Swede

    1. Hey Swede - thanks for asking :) Depending on your style and your budget, there are quite a few options for eco- and ethical-shades.

      Buying Vintage is a great way to reuse some previously loved sunnies, but if you want new here are some sustainable suggestions:
      - Waiting for the Sun is a French brand that specialises in bamboo sunglasses, you can buy them online at
      - Eco-optics are made from 95% recycled materials, also online at
      - Shwood makes great wooden sunnies, and there are some Aussie retailers in Sydney so you can try them on in person if you want,
      - ICU has an eco range made of recycled steel and plastic
      - Proof makes bamboo sunnies, and for each pair purchased eye surgery is given to a person in need
      - TOMS makes sunnies now, too, not terribly eco-friendly as far as I can tell, but for each pair purchased someone gets eye surgery
      - This Dragon pair is made by ECO and $5 from each purchase goes to Surfaid

      Hope that helps!