Thursday 2 February 2012

product of the week: tap™

The first time I saw this cheeky glass bottle in a restaurant I had to giggle:

I've long been filling my stainless steel water bottle with the stuff, and now there's a fantastic website that outlines the many benefits of my favourite beverage, (also known as the original eco water):
  • tap™ is packaging free, so I'm not using resources, adding to landfill, or requiring extra energy to recycle any bottles.
  • tap™ is widely available, piped right around the country to all homes, schools, workplaces and some parks and beaches, so I can refill anywhere.
  • tap™ costs less than bottled water, actually, it's less than 1 cent per litre (or free when I'm anywhere outside my home where I pay my water bill).
  • tap™ is high quality,filtered, cleansed and tested to the strictest quality, taste and safety standards.
  • tap™ is local, so I can enjoy it without the eco-guilt of drinking water shipped from overseas.
As far as I'm concerned, there's really no other water to drink in Sydney than tap™- have you gotten on board yet?

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