Sunday 19 February 2012

a green valentine fling

I know it's one of the more polarising holidays around, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't LOVE the holiday dedicated to LOVE.  I don't need a Hallmark card, box of chocolates or a diamond necklace, but I do appreciate the opportunity to celebrate my loved ones with a little extra oopmh

This year my hubby bought me a night back on the grog (I'm signed up to FebFast) and we had a divine meal at Jared Ingersoll's Cotton Duck in Surry Hills.

The hubby enjoying one of the amazing courses,
Roasted Venison, Mole, Corn & Avocado

Ingersoll has long been a champion of sustainable, ethical food. His restaurant Danks Street Depot was founded on the principles of the Slow Food movement, and favours local and seasonal produce - he's continued this vision through Cotton Duck's menu.  I've had my eye on Ingersoll for a few years now, and held my 30th birthday at Danks Street Depot specifically because I wanted to celebrate a sustainable birthday in style (and it was perfect!).

Cotton Duck is as stylish as a Surry Hills eating establishment ought to be, and includes sustainable fixtures in the interior design including recycled timber walls, reused concrete blocks as planters, exposed ceilings with minimal lighting features cut from plywood, and water glasses made from old glass bottles.

Boing! I love this!

Perfectly formed drinking glasses made from
bottles with the tops cut off.

Cotton Duck was the perfect location for a my Valentine's date, and my tastebuds were delighted with each sustainable course - I'm sorry I didn't take more photos! 

If you haven't already, pop around to Cotton Duck or Danks Street Depot for an amazing dining experience, and sign up to Ingersoll's 6th Sense Newsletter to receive updates on the restaurants and other ethical, sustainable food news.

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