Saturday 25 June 2011

product of the week: DIY cards

Product of the week usually celebrates a company with an amazing green product, but this week I'm making a special exception to celebrate the power of reuse.

I made this adorable card yesterday for my little 1 year old friend's birthday (he's practically famous, actually, starring in Daddy's Little Miracle).

Happy Birthday little fella!

The elephant body is from scraps of Christmas cards I made a few years ago, and the sparkly elephant ear is leftover shelf liner I bought for a bedside table I found on the side of the road . . . wow, I am a greenie . . .

Even before I was super green I loved making my own cards, a trait I picked up from my paternal grandmother, but today they all tend to have a reuse/recycle element.  I use new blank cards and envelopes (I bought a pack from a craft store a few years ago, $5 for 50 cards and envelopes), but the embellishments are all created by yours truly.  I save every piece of card, paper, ribbon and gift wrap that I receive and store it in my 'craft drawer' for later use on personalised cards or gift wrap. 

The work in progress. . .
Next time you want to give a card, have a go at creating your own - you'll never turn back!

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  1. This was a wonderful card - AND a wonderful display of the power of reuse - AND a wonderful cash delivery system. Did you mean to put $2,000 in there?