Tuesday 28 June 2011

a green produce fling

How cute is this banana box from Lettuce Deliver?  Almost as cute as the name of my organic produce delivery company. I love a good pun.

My local shops don't have a good selection of organic produce, so when a girl at work turned me onto this amazing company (thanks Anna!) I jumped at the opportunity.

They deliver anywhere in Sydney for $6.60, and let you select pre-arranged produce boxes or individually select items; you can also order cereal, pasta, chocolate, personal items and meat.  I generally only order produce, but I have ordered Meredith Valley Chevre and can attest that it's the same price as in my local deli.

So, why do I prefer to eat organics?
  • Overwhelming evidence that organic produce maintains higher nutrient levels compared to traditional farming methods
  • So that I ingest fewer chemicals from synthetic pesticide residue
  • To keep our water and soil free from toxic run-off resulting from synthetic fertiliser and pesticide use
  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions since nitrogen (a very potent greenhouse gas) is present in many synthetic fertilisers
  • Organic farming uses less energy.

I love getting my delivery each Thursday (even when the box isn't as awesome as this week's) filled with beautiful organic produce.

Along with every delivery comes a newsletter where Lettuce Deliver shares all the happenings in the Autralian organic produce industry; it's clear they have great relationships with their suppliers, referring to everyone by their first name, and I feel honoured to be eating food grown by this lovely community.

Thanks Lettuce Deliver! Keep up the great work.

For my US readers, I found this resource for organic produce delivery in most of the country (sadly Utah is not included), and here is a link to the Organic Consumers Association, which lists where you can buy organic goods in all states.

Happy organic eating, everyone!

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