Friday 11 March 2016

fun in the sun style

It seems like summer may never end this year Sydney . . . and as I sit sweltering on another steamy day, I thought I'd share a quick glimpse of some beach wear I've been sporting this summer to enjoy the sand and the surf.

In the upper right of this photo is my beloved straw Panama hat I bought in New Orleans circa 2013. I honestly don't know much about its origins except that it was made in Mexico and is the sturdiest hat I have ever owned. It shows no sign of losing its shape, in fact, the elastic on the black and white band gave way with no sign of the hat itself losing any structure.  I've done a quick repair job on the band and it's good as new.

And since that Aussie sun is so unforgiving, I have another hat that's been shading my face this summer from Patagonia, the mother of all sustainable apparel. Constantly lauded as a leader in transparency, ethics and sustainable production methods, I'm always happy to support Patagonia and this hat has proved to be the perfect accessory for my other summer pastime, standup paddle boarding.

My TOMS one-for-one sunnies are going strong after two Aussie summers now - I'm still loving the style of these quality-made frames.

The gorgeous suit was gifted to me by the team at Bondi Bather, who use Italian Lycra to produce all their suits here in Australia.

I'd been in the market for a one piece (I'm slowly learning to surf and can't trust bikinis to stay put on my many falls!), and was thrilled to receive one with a fashion-forward cut and design. I wasn't sure that the slinky cut would offer enough support, but thanks to the surprisingly strong straps I've felt supported - and stylish - in all my summertime water activities.

Not me pictured, c/o Bondi Bather Instagram.

And now, after regular wear over the past 4 months, I can also say that this suit was built to last the Aussie summer sun - oh-so-important when choosing swimwear! There's been no fading in the print, and the stretch/elastic feels as supportive as ever. I suspect I'll get a lot of use out of this suit.

The abstract prints on the swimwear range is created by local artists and photographers, using Bondi Beach as their muse. So even if you don't live in Sydney or, like me, just  can't face the trek across the harbour to the Eastern suburbs, you can still enjoy a slice of Bondi.

They make bikinis as well, but I just love the print on this suit.

There are no ethical labour accreditations at this point, and no mention of sustainably-sourced fabrics, but local production, quality craftsmanship and use of athletic bodies on their runways and promo materials are a fab start for this Australian swimwear brand.

Stay cool out there my friends!

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