Saturday 19 July 2014

review : wewood watch

Check out my gorgeous new watch!

Ooooohhhhhh, so pretty! And sustainable packaging!

Thanks to the lovely folks at WeWOOD I am trying out one of the watches in the new range - mine is made from Indian Rosewood and has the delightfully decadent name of 'Mimosa Chocolate'.  It's so pretty, I don't feel the photos do it justice. The wooden face has a delicate shine, and the metal beneath the glass gleams - for a watch made of wood, this little darling has a lot of class.

I've been an admirer of WeWOOD since I first spotted them, not just for their Italian designer look but for the company's sustainability credentials. In addition to being created from sustainably-sourced wood (recycled and reclaimed timber, much of it offcuts from the furniture industry), for each watch purchased one tree will be planted through Carbon Neutral in Australia; American Forests and Trees for the Future are used in other countries.

There are a range of shades and wood types available, and a wide range of styles - from my delicate watch to those with larger bands and faces in different shapes. I'll admit I was afraid this colour wouldn't go with enough of my clothes, but I've been pleasantly surprised at the versatility of this rich chocolate brown.

So, what does one wear with a wooden watch? Here are just a few looks I rocked this week and my WeWOOD was a fabulous addition to each.

Writing and studying
American Apparel circle scarf
Carlie Ballard traveler pants
Vintage denim top

Off to yoga
Sosume long sleeve tee
Teeki Deer Medicine hot pants

Night out with friends
Sosume tuxedo jacket
Veronika Maine tuxedo pants
Bassike striped tee

Other pluses?

The watch is incredibly lightweight. I'm not a regular watch-wearer, but it is so light that I frequently forgot I was wearing it (then was super-pleased to see it on my wrist!). And the sustainability initiatives continue to the care for your watch, with recommendations to owners to polish watches with olive oil and lemon juice, and the occasional treatment with beeswax or walnut oil, to keep your watch nicely (naturally) nourished. 


It's not waterproof for you water babies out there. And if you're really keen on shiny gold or silver watches, this will take some getting used to. Perhaps the inner glow that comes with knowing your watch was created responsibly and beautifully will help.

All in all, I'm really enjoying my new accessory - thank you WeWOOD, and keep up the great eco-work!


*Disclaimer - I was asked to provide a product review of this watch. All opinions above are true and my own.

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