Saturday 31 May 2014

a day in the eco life

I consider myself so lucky to spend my days working for the environment. Whether through contract jobs, writing or my PhD project, I get to immerse myself in sustainability everyday. And yesterday, after I introduced myself to someone as an environmentalist (I love saying that!), I reflected on exactly what that means in my day-to-day life.

Here's a glimpse at my schedule from yesterday:

5.50am - alarm goes off, I drag myself out of bed, brush my teeth, splash water on my face, pull on my yoga gear and walk to the local yoga studio.

6.15am - beautiful Hatha yoga session, a wonderful way to wake up. My practice includes using my natural rubber yoga mat by Jade and wearing my fabulous Teeki yoga pants made from recycled plastic.

7.45am - feeling alive and well after yoga, I wander over to Pure Wholefoods and treat myself to an organic breakfast including an Acai bowl with granola and a soy flat white.

8.15am - crack open the books and the journals and immerse myself in environmental activism and fashion theory for my PhD studies.

9.00am - take a minute to put a coat of Butter nail polish on my nails in the adorable shade 'Molly Coddled'. (Lots of time for nails to dry while I'm reading!) Butter is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP, nasty chemicals found in traditional nail polish.

10.30am - walk over to Fairlight to collect a fantastic picnic basket that someone was giving away for free on the new sharing website, TuShare. If you have anything you need to get rid of, pop it on TuShare, and people like me can request to take care of them for you! As an added bonus, I met a fellow American who has recently moved to the area - a new picnic basket, and a new friend!

11.15am - alight the Manly ferry into town, stainless steel water bottle in tow to keep me hydrated throughout the rest of my day.

I cherish my EarthLust bottle I got from
State of Green (I actually left it on the ferry
earlier this week and was thrilled to be reunited
thanks to dedicated ferry staff!)

11.45am - use my weekly travelpass again to catch the train to Redfern - I love these passes that get me around all of Sydney on ferries, buses and trains. Sometimes I feel like I should be the public transport spokesperson . . .

12.00pm - vegetarian lunch in Redfern, accompanied by my books and notes.

1.00pm - the start of a busy afternoon of Uni - a writing seminar, hearing two of my fellow PhD students' work in progress, followed by two hours of library time - more environmental activism research for me!

Ah yes, my wardrobe for the day included:

Organic wool tuxedo jacket from
Melbourne label Sosume

Black tank from ethical label

My favourite tote, collected from the
Round She Goes markets last year.
I had on some never-been-washed denim, too. Before you get too grossed out, there have been actual studies showing we don't need to wash denim frequently (if at all!). I find hanging them in the sunshine from time to time helps to freshen them up. The eco-impacts of laundry are a whole other post for another day. . .

And of course I was wearing my favourite eco-beauty makeup brands Musq, Korres and Ere Perez.

6.00pm - meet up with my gorgeous hubby for a wander around the Vivid installation on campus before walking over to Glebe for dinner (nothing too eco about this meal - but we did have delicious Mexican food!).

8.00pm - hop on the bus to Circular Quay (the couple who loves public transport together stays to together - isn't that how the phrase goes?) to take in more of the Vivid festival.

9.30pm - catch the ferry home and collapse after a busy week.

So there you have it - throughout my day from what I wear, to my activities, to my preferred modes of transport (walking and public transportation), I am making positive eco-choices.

There's always room for improvement, of course, but I'm pretty pleased with how normal all these activities feel to me. I'd love to hear from you about how you incorporate sustainable actions into your everyday day, life, too. Leave a comment or drop me a line.

Now, back to my studies!

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