Sunday 2 March 2014

a green fairy bread fling

I attended a birthday party for my very favourite one-year-old this weekend, and had my first taste of Fairy Bread - what a delight! Growing up in America I missed out on this Aussie children's party tradition of white bread topped with a slick of butter and a dash of hundreds and thousands (known as sprinkles up north).

Since I was in a 'healthy' household our Fairy Bread
was made on wholemeal bread. Still decadent!
And this is not just any one-year-old, she is the greenest little one I know. Her folks are dedicated to cloth nappies and homemade, healthy food for their bub, and I'd calculate her wardrobe is 75% 'pre-loved' from her lovely older cousins and friends, and 10% homemade. No addiction to fast fashion here!

You can understand why it was imperative I get her a sustainable gift - I can't let her thinking her Aunt Lisa doesn't care about the planet!  I decided on a couple pre-loved books and an environmentally-aware toy made of FSC-certified wood.

Every little girl needs a copy of Madeline! These used
books were both in excellent condition.

My little one-year-old friend loves playing with blocks!

My craft-basket is quite empty after the past two nomadic years of my life, so I didn't have much to work with in terms of reusing wrapping paper. Instead of buying an entire roll (shrink-wrapped in plastic and wrapped around a tube of cardboard), I bought a couple of sheets that were FSC-certified. This was slightly more expensive, but at least I know I only bought what I'd use, it wasn't over-packaged, and it was made of responsibly-sourced wood.

A little twine ribbon was the perfect eco-finishing touch!

I hope she likes her gifts as much as I enjoyed selecting and wrapping them!

What are your favourite eco-children's gift ideas?

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  1. Your favorite one year old (and her parents) loved the eco gifts. Its gifts that come with a personal touch everyone enjoys the most. 10 out of 10 Aunty Lisa!