Friday 10 May 2013

a green freshie fling

Who would've thought that one of the city's greenest arcades would be found in Freshwater? Well it is, I suggest those of you on the south side hop on the ferry and have a fabulous green day in Manly tomorrow. The Manly Fair Trade Markets will be on, and then it's a lovely 30-minute stroll to Freshie. Lovely!

I spent the morning in this eco-friendly alley (officially 12-14 Lawrence Street).  I had a hair appointment at the fabulously-eco salon Atsi for a lovely touch up of Original & Mineral colour.

Across the way is Wild Ginger Beauty, offering holistic beauty treatments. I haven't tried the salon myself, but I know they use Butter London nail polish, a leader in eco-polish due to the lack of Formaldehyde or Toluene. The salon uses Anna Lotan skin products, which claim to be free from animal cruelty and use natural ingredients, though I haven't seen a full ingredients list.

I then spent a good hour hanging out with Carlie from Indigo Bazaar at Darley Collective - the pop-up store was wildly popular in Manly this summer and the team has joined up again to bring us ethical and local fashion.

Darley Collective is the team of sustainable fashion online retailer Indigo Bazaar and local designers Linda Smyth of Betty Browne, Holly Turnbull of Masinissa and Linda Tahija of Linda Tahija Jewellery.

I'm always talking about Indigo Bazaar, and it's because their sourcing criteria are some of the most stringent out there, earning the company a Highly Commended Ethical Fashion Forum Source award for best practice in curation, marketing and sale of sustainable fashion.  Well, that and owner Carlie Ballard has amazing taste, so I know I'm in good hands.

Here's a peek at my new sustainable pieces.

KissinCussin black tank
Patterned pants by Indigo Bazaar

Lalesso skirt

Betty Browne organic cotton singlet

I'll be attending the Sustainable  Brands conference this June in San Diego, what better excuse to stock up on fabulous ethical fashion? Drop me a line if you'll be at the conference, I'd love to connect!

You can also see Indigo Bazaar at the Manly Fair Trade markets - tell Carlie I say hello and pick up a pair of the limited edition patterned trousers!

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