Tuesday 5 June 2012

I can create that style sustainably : InStyle June 2012 cover

Welcome to my first post in a new series I'm working on called . . .

I can create that style sustainably

Inspired by my latest addiction, the Fashioning Change online ethical clothing shop and its Wear this, not that look book, I'll be referencing looks from the latest fashion magazines and sharing how to achieve the look sustainably.

First up is the cover image of the latest InStyle Australia, featuring the stunning Miranda Kerr.

So, how can this beautiful look be achieved sustainably? It's quite simple.

Model - Miranda stays, of course!  Between her range of natural body products, Kora Organics, her book encouraging self-esteem and acceptance, Treasure Yourself, and her love of yoga and a natural diet, she's the perfect choice!

Dress - The cover dress is by Carl Kapp, and it's a stunner.  I'll give Carl credit for his tendency to use natural fabrics in his designs, but there is limited information on the source of the fabrics. I found these hot red (eco) dresses instead:

Found on Fashioning Change, this number by Kristinit is organic wool and made
by local women in Los Angeles. Perfect now that winter has hit Sydney!
$125 USD

Found on eBay, this Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress is a steal! DVF is
always feminine and flattering, and this fire engine red piece is HOT.
Buy It Now for $140 AUD

Bracelet - The magazine's cuff is from Harlequin Market; HM do carry divine vintage pieces among their collection, but it's not clear from the product listing if the cover's bracelet is vintage. No matter, check out this gorgeous vintage piece!

This beautiful cuff is from a vintage seller on Etsy.
It's only $35 USD - if you like it, order quick, or I may just buy it!

Makeup - The cover look used MAC Face and Body Foundation and Napoleon Perdis waterproof mascara and Light Patrol illuminisers. To go all natural instead you could substitute:

And there you have it - I told you it would be easy! When it's this simple to eco your look, there's really no reason not to stay in style, sustainably.

Keep your eye out for the next installment, and let me know if there are any looks you'd like help to create sustainably.

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