Monday 23 December 2013

a green wrapping fling

I personally feel that wrapping gifts is almost as fun as giving them. My very first job was as a holiday gift wrapper at the local department store. Unfortunately it only lasted one day because they realised I was only 15 and the minimum working age was 16 - lucky for me this was after I went through bow-making training!

I am one of those 'save the wrapping paper' type of people (as you can imagine given my profession), but I also like to get creative reusing all sorts of paper and fabric to wrap gifts. I frequently use the paper that comes wrapped around flowers, and I still love the ole' classic newspaper gift wrap. Here's how some of my gifts for my family turned out.

Newspaper, twine, yarn, and homemade name tags using
old cereal boxes and a bit of glitter.


The green paper came wrapped around some flowers!
From balmy Sydney to wherever you happen to be reading this blog, wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful holiday season.


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