Monday 22 September 2014

sustainable style : amour vert


I know, I've been absent during the past month. But with good reason. I've just returned from a wonderful few weeks in the US where I spent invaluable quality time with my family, including a celebration of my in-laws' 40th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!

Part of my time away was spent in charming San Francisco. While there I did a bit of research, and also a little bit of shopping. I mean, I couldn't be in the same city as one of my favourite sustainable fashion labels and not go in, could I?

Can you spot the Selfie Bench?

I first discovered Amour Vert about a year ago when I purchased this delightful striped dress made of organic cotton.

Worn here with a fave vintage poncho I picked up
in Melbourne a few years ago.

Amour Vert creates stylish and chic fashion from sustainable fibres, and all the pieces are made right in San Francisco. I love the style, and was thrilled to visit their new store in Hayes Valley. It was an eco-fashionista's dream come true!

Buy a tee, plant a tree.

The green wall, wooden light feature and hanging
plants made my experience all the more delightful.

I certainly didn't walk out of here empty handed - but I also didn't buy one of everything, as much as I wanted to. I spent at least 30 minutes in and out of the fitting room trying on nearly everything in the store (the sales assistants were just gorgeous - so friendly and helpful, and I loved hearing them spruik sustainable fashion to the customers!). And before committing to any purchases I thought about when I would wear something, and if it easily fit in with my wardrobe and personal style. Just because it's 'eco' doesn't mean I can buy one of everything!

This is what I did buy:

Blair Dress - made of silk and
perfect for Sydney's summers.
Mika Tee - made of Micro Modal
and spandex. And helped plant a tree.

This bracelet made of recycled metal - it was at the
counter and not available on the website.

All in all a delightful visit. Though I can't help but feel envious of the lucky San Franciscans who can visit this store whenever they please (sigh). 'Till next time!