Friday 10 June 2011

product of the week: bikini

As a chilly winter settles over Sydney I'm reminiscing about my beautiful summer and my beautiful eco-friendly bikini. . .

At the start of last summer it was obvious I needed a new swimsuit as the spandex of my current suit had taken early retirement and I was in a constant battle against the ocean as to where my suit would end up following a set of waves.

Who knew sustainability
could be this sexy?!
Photo from Faeries Dance
Living in Manly I'm surrounded by every type of cossie imaginable, but I really wanted to find something that wasn't costing the earth so I hit the internet instead of pounding the pavement.  Thanks to ecouterre I found a few great options and eventually settled on the hot Winky Pop by Aaron Chang (photographer) - it consists of 90% polyester from recycled plastic bottles and 10% spandex, and is named after a famous wave Winkipop in Torquay - my surfer hubby was thoroughly impressed.

As an added bonus both the top and bottom are reversible, so it's like buying multiple suits in one (even better for the globe!). 

I purchased my new suit through the website Faeries Dance (not loving the title of this website but appreciate the range of eco-goods for sale). 

After an entire summer I'm happy to report the bikini is not only eco-friendly but ticks all the other boxes required of a great swimsuit - supportive, flattering, and still stretchy enough to survive another summer.

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