Thursday 19 December 2013

sustainable style : day to night

I know I'm not the only woman to have this dilemma - important meetings during the day, a fabulous event at night, and no time to go home and change in between.

That was me this week. I had a huge meeting with Clean Cut (a new sustainable fashion venture I'm working on with some amazing women, more exciting details in the new year!), and had a ballet date at the Opera House with my bestie from high school (in America!) who serendipitously lives in Sydney, too.

What to wear?!

Can peplum please stay in style forever?!
And epic fail with that plastic water bottle littering the
Opera House foreground!

I went with this eggplant peplum dress by Cue - I think peplum may be our answer for the perfect day-to-night dress - the fab bag I picked up at a secondhand market, and trusted patent leather shoes that have been in my wardrobe for nearly 6 years.  

Cue is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia, meaning that all garments made in Australia are made by people getting paid a fair wage in decent working conditions. Even in developed countries like Australia and America there are issues with sweatshops and outsourcing for tiny wages, so it's incredibly important to look for labels with ECA accreditation. Lucky for us the team at ECA are hard at work getting more and more labels on board.

The dress was even more sustainable because it's one I'm borrowing from a friend - thanks Jess! I promise I've been treating it with TLC.

What's your solution for a day to night look?


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