book club

Did Sustainability with Style spark some ideas?

Why not delve into the eco-issues on your mind with your circle of friends? Here are some questions to kick start the conversation.
  • Lisa’s biggest challenge had to do with shopping less – what is your greatest eco-challenge? What steps can you take to make your passion(s) greener?
  • Do you think Lisa was right to ask her friends to forgo beef on their weekend away? How would your friends react to a similar request? How much can we ask of our friends when it comes to the environment?
  • Lillian was able to free-ride into environmentalism thanks to her love of vintage shopping – where can you free-ride?
  • Lisa’s girlfriends happily accepted eco-beauty advice – why do you think this was different to Beefgate?
  • How would the story have been different if Lisa didn’t get a job in sustainability?
  • Are you part of a green social network? How can you join one, or expand your current group?
Happy discussing!


Lisa would love to hear about your eco-book club discussions. Send in an account  of your book club (including pics!) and you might appear in the blog.


  1. I am loving your book. There is so much we can all do, one step at a time is the way to go with me and happy to say that I am going really well with my pursuit with sustainable and ethical living.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate you reading the book and taking the time to provide some feedback. Obviously I agree with the "one step at a time" approach :)
      Thanks again for your time, and make sure to send me along any great tips you come across!